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You may have spent so much time preparing for Umbrella that you may not have considered how much you'd miss being back home. While homesickness is very common for the majority of Umbrella Employees, it can be very difficult to overcome. The key to handling it is understanding where it's coming from and knowing what you can realistically do about it.

Don't Be Too Harsh On Yourself

Being homesick is often a sign that you have happy, healthy relationships with people back at home. You may miss your family, your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or just your old routines and familiarity. Even though many employees won't talk about it, a very large number of first-year and transfer employees experience homesickness during their first few months at a facility. So, even if no one you know is talking about it, rest assured that many of your co-workers are going through the same thing. Don't be too harsh on yourself for experiencing something that is completely normal and part of many of our employees experience.

Let Yourself Be Sad -- for a Little While

Trying to fight your way through homesickness can often be futile. But letting yourself process through your emotions can be a great way of dealing with them. Trying to be stoic might end up backfiring on you, and since homesickness is a part of many people's experience, it's important to let it process itself out. So give yourself a day 

 With these 5 tips, however, dealing with it can be a little easier.

  1. Call home. This may sound like common sense, but it can really help. The key factor, however, is not to call home all of the time or talk about confidential information. Don't call more than once a day, and keep the conversation positive. But if you miss your friends, family, boyfriend, or girlfriend, giving them a call can sometimes help ease the heartache.
  2. Go visit home -- once. Visiting home can be a great way to recharge yourself and get some of that TLC (not to mention home cooking) that you need. But going home too often can frequently make homesickness worse. Let yourself go home when you need it, but make sure it doesn't turn into an every-weekend occurrence. *Please note Umbrella only allows individuals to go home during holidays*
  3. Go out with your co-workers. Sometimes, a night out with your  friends can do wonders for homesickness. It can take your mind off of things back home, can help you relax and have a good time, and can reinforce relationships that will make your facility feel like home sometime soon. *Please note: Umbrella does not allow personnel above surface ground in a underground facility*
  4. Call a friend from back home. Chances are that your group of friends spread out as each of you went to different facilities. And chances are that your group of friends is missing each other. Give a friend from home a call and catch up for a little while. It may do wonders for your homesickness to just touch base for a quick phone call.
  5. Get out of your room. It's incredibly easy to hide in your room. But doing so prevents you from meeting new people, trying new things, and experiencing life in general. You didn't go to Umbrella to hide in your room, right? Make sure to spend large chunks of your time out of your room -- even if it's just at the facility coffee shop, the quad, or the library -- and get your mind on other things. You never know what might happen, but you do know that it won't happen if you're alone in your room all the time.