Learn more about the initiatives Umbrella has taken to help our community in growth. Every year we donate thousands of dollars to local charitys and organizations. Find out more infromation here.


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Every year Umbrella has new projects being carried out in our research facilities. The projects last from hours to year and bring significant impact to our company. View our latest projects here.


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Clubs and Organizations

At Umbrella, employees have an abundance of involvement opportunities to explore. While membership eligibility varies based upon the particular organizations, all employees are encouraged to explore all their particular interests and find quality out of office experiences to take advance of. Below is an overview of the type of organizations at Umbrella Facilities. Some individual departments also have organizations for students to join.

If you do not see an organization below that interests you, and are interested in starting a new organization; please visit the UEA  about starting a new organizations.

  • Academic/Professional – Organizations that are limited to employees currently taking college credit. Emphasis is the knowledge, skills, and experience related to a particular field of study.
  • Facility Media – Organizations that are affiliated with Umbrella and provide media services for the facility.
  • Cultural – Organizations that promote learning and awareness of different cultures.
  • Fee Based – Organizations that are supported by the Umbrella Activities Fee. *Due to the nature of groups, organizations cannot charter under this category without a pre-approved fee from the facility Board.
  • Fine Arts – Organizations that create an outlook for creativity and allow employees to show off their aesthetic appeal to the Umbrella community.
  • Greek – Social organizations that are affiliated with Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, or Interfraternity Council. * Organizations that must go through proper colonization procedures via UEA. *Please note: this is only at Umbrella Colleges*
  • Health and Wellness – Organizations that promote good health habits and work toward creating a desire to maintain a healthy life in our facility.
  • Honorary – Organizations that cover one department or all departments. They contain requirements and focus on promotion in your facility.
  • Political – Organizations that represent employees interests in various political ideologies.
  • Recreational/Sports – Organizations that compete against other facilities or hold recreational activities.
  • Religious – Organizations that relate to a particular religion and may hold religious services.
  • Residence Life – Organizations that are limited to employees living in Residence Halls. They include hall governments and provide social activities for their members.
  • Service – Organizations that mainly focus on providing service to the facility and community.
  • Special Interest – Organizations that revolve around a particular activity or thought. They are not affiliated with a department, religion or athletics.