Learn more about the initiatives Umbrella has taken to help our community in growth. Every year we donate thousands of dollars to local charitys and organizations. Find out more infromation here.


Umbrella uses the latest advancements in technology, from state of the art computers to AR Satalites.  Find out more about the technology we use today.


Every year Umbrella has new projects being carried out in our research facilities. The projects last from hours to year and bring significant impact to our company. View our latest projects here.


Umbrella is the leading company in biotechnology and Pharmaceutical research, it is our goal not to just provide the world with medicine for better health but for better life. View our Research.


What kind of products can you expect from Umbrella Pharmaceuticals? Products ranging from Human Vaccines to Hematinics the possibilities are endless. Click here to view our products.

About Umbrella

Umbrella is the largest and leading company in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research. Our Company has over 20 different research facilities, 4 training sites and over 200 million in assets. We are spread over 3 different continents and 15 countries. We have more than 15 products and patents. We are also a member on the executive board of the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium.

Umbrella is a major international player in a number of markets including pharmaceuticals, medical hardware, defense, and computers along with more clandestine operations utilizing genetic engineering and biological equipment. We also have a more public face, producing cosmetics, consumer products and foods

 Our company motto "Our Business is life itself" is very important to our day to day operations. We truly live this motto. Everyday we conduct research to combat human viruses and bring new vaccines to make our world a better place. While we are well known for our research, we have more than just research to offer. Umbrella has given millions of dollars back to the communities where are facilities are housed. We conduct projects to help our nation, cities and school to become more technologically advanced. This shows you that Umbrella plans to stay and do more things with our communities.